Why is running good for you?

Running helps the body in many ways. It helps to create stronger bones, it strengthens muscles, it’s a great cardiovascular way of burning calories and it can help to keep your weight in shape. Some people think that running and jogging are the same but in fact, running is far more demanding.

How to get started?

Don’t just go from 0 to 100 immediately; before you start running, particularly if you are taking part in an event run, think about getting fitter before you begin. You could try walking and jogging and gradually build up to gentle running. Other sports can also help to maintain your fitness, swimming being a good one to include. Also, don’t think that you can run successfully on a diet of junk food. Make healthy changes to your diet such as cutting down on fat and sugar and adding in more fruit, vegetables and non-processed food.

Get a health check

If you are out of condition, have any health problems are fall into the older age-group, then it is a good idea to get checked out by your G.P or fitness instructor before you commence. Whether you are working on this solo or with an instructor, always start with gentle exercise and build up gradually. It is also essential to warm up before you hit the running shoes. Drink plenty of water and take it easy. If your body shows no alarming signals and you feel OK, then gradually keep increasing the amount of running and exercise that you do each day.

Where to run

Whilst you are training, you need to choose suitable areas on which to run. Try and keep it flat rather than hilly. Sand is not great to run on as you will feel your feet sinking, which will make it much harder to move forward. Wear comfortable clothing and wear good running shoes. Many people overlook this fact and start off in old trainers but this is not a good idea. Not only might your feet suffer but also your knees and joints can be damaged when your foot hits the ground without sufficient protection from impact.

Enjoy yourself

Don’t run in the hot midday sun – cool mornings or evenings are better. Always keep a mobile phone with you in case of accident or injury and if you are listening to music via headphones, keep it low; you don’t want to be totally unaware of what is going on around you. Most of all – have fun! By working on your running ability gradually and gently, you will soon be ready to take part in your first competitive or charitable event.