In September of 2013, CDM Mind and Body was featured in the nataionally distributed, Ebony magazine.  CDM Mind And Body is a health and wellness event and 5K that was spearheaded by founder, Cynthia Ringo. The St. Louis based group formed in 2010 and was sponsored by Christ Deliverance Ministry.  This group church promotes health awareness by implementing physical activity and heald education that is often biblically based.

Inspiration to form the group: Frustration from the increasing growth of ill health in the greater St. Louis community and [Missouri’s] current ranking as the 11th-fatttest state in America.  And as a recent full time caregiver for her husband, it was important that Pastor Cynthia Ringo maintained a healthy lifestyle, because to care for another, she had to first care for herself.  She lost 35 pounds through exercise and eating right.

Benchmarks: In 12 months, 15 women (ages 21 to 69) lost more than 600 pounds.  Two of the 15 are breast cancer survivors.  One woman lost 104 pounds.  Two reduced their blood pressure medication, and one had her dosage cut in half.  Another woman’s glucose numbers decreased by half