I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times before. There are NUMEROUS benefits to running. Although you know this, you’re still not running. Don’t be discouraged, there are thousands of others just like you. And though I could name off EVERY benefit of running, it will be of no use if your mind is not in the right place.


What Is The “Right Place” For Running?

Before I can tell you how to get your mind in the right place for running, we must figure out what we mean by “right place”. It simply means getting your mind, body and soul to accept what is to come. Getting your mind in the right place to run means accepting the fact that you will be making sacrifices. That you will be breaking out of your comfort zone. However, also realizing that the payoff is HUGE. Again, the benefits of running affect not just the physical aspect, but the mental and emotional as well. So we are striving to get to that place where we understand that yes this will be challenging, yet at the same time it is EXACTLY what we want and need!

So How Do You Get Your Mind In The Right Place For Running?

As with anything you need to reflect. Reflect on what it is you want out of running. Do you want to think clearer? Do you want a way to better cope with stress and everyday emotions? Are you looking to improve your physique? It’s possible it is all of the above. Once you realize what it is, then you must accept the fact that though this may be difficult at first, you’re doing this for yourself. And once you start seeing the benefits of running, you’ll no longer have to get your mind in the right place. You will already be there.


In the end, the only one who can get your mind in the right place to start running, is you! Once you figure out your “big motivating factor” for running, you will always be in the right place. That’s because you will begin to realize that running helps you in so many ways. I will be going over the benefits of running in the coming posts, and how LIFE CHANGING this simple “exercise” can be. If you still need more motivation to run, check out my popular post on “http://alonzoinc.com/how-to-stay-motivated-while-running/” How To Stay Motivated While Running.