Pastor Cynthia Ringo


Cynthia is president and founder of CDM Mind And Body, which began in 2012. The event spawned from a group of sixteen women who decided to take their health in their own hands and they collectively lost over 600 pounds in 18 months. These women are members of a church community called Christ Deliverance Ministry,where Cynthia Ringo is the Pastor. Simultaneously, due to life changes, Cynthia also became a caregiver for her husband due to a stroke and subsequent dementia. Good health became an important topic and way of life for her and her family. CDM Mind And Body became a perfect vehicle to promote and expose healthy alternative ways of living and being. Cynthia was featured in Ebony Magazine and on several network news programs (including Fox 2 News,KSDK, and STL Live) just to name a few.

E-mail Cynthia at: [email protected]

Tommie Ringo Jr

Director of Operations

Tommie currently overseas all operations of CDM Mind And Body and is also the son of Cynthia Ringo. He is an avid health enthusiasts and loves the opportunity to bring runners, health and wellness entrepreneurs, and health advocates all together to mix, mingle, support, and learn from each other. He has been there from the beginning working with Cynthia to help cultivate the growth of the event. He is always up to a challenge and enjoys being able to highlight and spotlight the unsung heroes in the community that are championing health awareness for everyone.

E-mail Tommie at: [email protected]

Briant K Mitchell

Resident Fitness Expert

Briant is our resident fitness expert and also the owner of BKM Fitness Bootcamp. He has been with CDM Mind And Body since the beginning. He was instrumental and key in the initial sixteen women with the amazing weight loss story. His Boot Camp is designed to help clients achieve realistic goals they have in mind for their body. He always tells his clients that their bodies will not change on their own, it is up to them to do what it takes to change it. He is there to motivate!

E-mail Briant at: [email protected]


Ellie Potter

Featured Guest Instructor Yoga

Elle Potter is the founder of Yoga Buzz and is our featured guest instructor for this year. This is her second year and the yoga class has exploded since it was added to the event day schedule. Elle has been teaching yoga since 2008 and has accumulated over 1000 hours of training, taught over 1000 yoga classes and continues to find new ways to get excited about the practice. She is able to teach a room with brand new students as well as seasoned yogis without leaving anyone feeling left behind.

E-mail Elle at: [email protected]